Core Spirits

These are the spirits that built our distillery.  Every drop is certified organic and made from scratch in Bay View.

Twisted Path Vodka

Vodka is defined as a neutral spirit. But the best vodkas retain a subtle hint of their underlying ingredients. We carefully tailor our ingredients and distillation process to create a vodka that achieves the perfect balance between neutrality and character. The result is a vodka of unsurpassed quality that is equally at home mixed or straight.

Twisted Path Overproof Vodka

Like our 80 proof vodka, our Overproof Vodka strikes a perfect balance between neutrality and character. Overproof provides two distinct advantages: higher proof enables the use of more mixer while maintaining the desired alcohol content in cocktails; and when making infusions, 100 proof extracts flavors faster, brighter, and more accurately than traditional vodkas.

Twisted Path Gin

This modern American gin begins with our scratch-made 100 proof vodka. Eleven organic botanicals including honeybush, cinnamon, and vapor-infused hops create a unique flavor profile and a soft, round mouthfeel. With its complex botanical structure, this spirit is ideal in gin-forward cocktails and more intricate creations alike.

Twisted Path White Rum

Most white rums sacrifice flavor for a lighter body. By using a slow distillation process and the highest quality ingredients, we have made a light-bodied rum that retains its distinctive flavor. The resulting smooth and light – yet flavorful – rum elevates any white rum cocktail.

Twisted Path Dark Rum

We carefully ferment our dark rum from premium organic sweet molasses, slowly distill it in a copper pot still, then age it in whiskey barrels. The result is a full-bodied rum with an incredibly complex character. It adds fantastic flavor and depth to any dark rum cocktail, but is also an exceptional sipping rum. If you weren’t a rum sipper before, this rum may convert you.

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