Twisted Path Vodka

Vodka is often defined as neutral spirits, but the best vodkas retain a subtle hint of their underlying ingredients. We carefully tailor our ingredients and distillation to achieve the perfect balance between character and neutrality. This is vodka for vodka connoisseurs.

We make our vodka from organic yellow corn from the Dolan family farm in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. We use high quality ingredients, take care in mashing and fermenting, focusing on taste not efficiency (which can be a one-or-the-other trade-off in distilling). We do this because we designed our still and run our still to make the vodka just a little bit short of tasteless. The fine line we tread is that it is neutral tasting enough to be vodka, but has just enough character to be interesting vodka. Since we are leaving that tiny bit of character in the spirit, the quality of the ingredients and the care with which the vodka is crafted is evident.