Twisted Path Distillery was founded by distiller Brian Sammons, and it opened in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee in December 2014.

We are a small distillery making certified organic spirits entirely from scratch. In building our distillery and developing our spirits, we evaluated every step with one goal in mind: make it taste great. This means never compromising quality for efficiency. We start with premium organic ingredients, and in small, careful, slow batches, we make spirits that showcase the quality of those ingredients.

Brian Sammons - Founder

A self-taught small-batch distiller, Brian Sammons opened Twisted Path Distillery in December 2014.  The Whitefish Bay native and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee alumnus took an unlikely route to the world of spirits; working in counter-terrorism with the Department of Defense and CIA, counterintelligence operations at the CIA, attending law school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then working as an attorney all before becoming a distiller. Being his own boss suited him, as did the unique challenges of finessing recipes for organic rum, vodka, gin and whiskey.

Brian has always been a Do-It-Yourself kind of guy and he took that approach to every aspect of the distillery.  From building and designing his own patented heating system on our first still all the way down to constructing our water heater for mashing, and even light fixtures, Brian wanted our motto of “Made From Scratch In Milwaukee” to permeate every inch of the business.